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Exquisite Full Detail Package

Starting @ $300/Car

$350 Pickup/Small SUV

$400 Large Pickup/SUV/Van

Exterior Process

  • Thorough cleaning of wheels, wells and jambs
  • Multiple bucket hand wash with pH​ neutral extreme foam shampoo
  • Fully dried with compressed air and microfiber drying towels to leave a spot free clean surface for further services​
  • Paint decontamination to remove impurities that latched onto the vehicles surface (whole vehicle)
  • Polish applied by machine to help eliminate minor imperfections/swirls and bring back that shine!
  • Wax/Paint Sealant applied to help protect your vehicle until the next treatment
  • Trim cleaned and protected
  • All exterior glass is cleaned with lint free waffle towels

Interior Process

  • Thorough vacuuming of the carpet and upholstery  
  • Compressed air is used to blow debris out from tight spots, between and under the seats, and other hard to reach areas
  • Every hard surface massaged with an Enzyme Cleaner to remove dirt and grime
  • Headliner is spot cleaned where needed
  • Carpeting, cloth seats, and floor mats are shampooed with a Professional Extractor where needed to remove as much dirt, grime, and stains as possible
  • Cleaned hard surfaces will be conditioned with a pH balanced, water based formula that leaves a satin, non greasy finish that won't attract dust! *If requested
  • All interior glass is cleaned with lint free waffle towels
  • Leather is conditioned with a strong added UV protectant to help preserve it from the elements​​

Engine Compartment

  • Visible surfaces cleaned and lightly scrubbed with a gentle degreaser
  • Compressed air is used to properly dry compartment and connections​​
  • Surfaces are dressed with a non oily protectant that will not attract dirt and will give  a nice new look

Detailing Packages